Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chanel New Nail Colours

Chanel Shade Parade This video features 18 new nail shades from Chanel, and they are all absolutely gorgeous. The idea behind this video is brilliant, but I have to say that it would be even better if we could catch more close up of the nails. Do watch it in Full Screen for better impact! Have a great week xxx

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Coveteur x WHOWHATWEAR


As I said, I was trying to stay away from the computer for a while to give my eyes and my brain some rest, which I did and it was a great success, as I found so much fall inspiration from the September issues that I was reading. However, as soon as I got back on the computer, I saw this update from The Coveteur , showing the headquarter of one of my favourite Internet spot WHOWHATWEAR, and I just have to share the beautiful setting of the office with you right away. I have always loved looking at closet visit posts, but this special office visit certainly made an impact on me, as you can easily see how taste and style are nurtured by the surroundings. From another point of view, as soon as you see someone's room/ office/ closet, you immediately know what kind of style and taste that person possess. Anyway, too much is said, I shall leave you browse through these gorgeous photos taken in the headquarter of WHOWHATWEAR. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday : Away for Inspiration

AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER I have been spending way too much time on the lookbooks/street snapshots/various blogs on the internet lately, so I am going to spend my Sunday away from the Computer, with the September Issues that I have with me right now, looking for new inspiration, at the same time giving my eyes a chance off the computer, as it is so bad for our eyes! Have a brilliant Sunday everyone!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Inspiration: The Beginning of my Fall Inspiration

FALL INSPIRATION I don't know how to insert a non-youtube video, but please take a look at the link below. It is a video of Marie Claire Accessories and Style Director, Taylor Tomasi Hill, styling fashion editor Amanda Hearst in her must-have fall picks from Barneys New York. She is so funny and genuine in the video. This is definitely going to kick-start your inspiration for fall fashion!

Taylor Tomasi Hill has long been a sensational fashion inspiration herself, check out her photos:

Video Link:  Taylor Tomasi Hill

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Addiction: Currently Addicted to...

Thrifted Clothes Shopping

Its such a great feeling when I know I can buy a BUNCH of clothes without hesitation, simply because they are SO CHEAP

These Zara Heels just go with EVERYTHING

After years of skinny jeans, I am so in love with Palazzo this summer. They are just so soft and airy to wear in hot weather

I love the fact that they are wide-legged as well

Friday, August 12, 2011

Mummy Crush: Mirander Kerr

MUMMY CRUSH Guess I can't say this is a girl crush anymore, as Mirander Kerr has certainly become a yummy mummy in the past couple of months. Have had a crush on her since she became a Victoria Secret's Angel, but recently I have had another crush with her since she has become a mum, because she always appears as so gentle and loving with her equally beautiful son, Flynn.

If you have time, do have a look at the interview. Mirander is so genuine and sophisticated / funny in it.