Thursday, July 28, 2011

D.I.Y. : Floral Hairband and Ring

D.I.Y.  Have been in love with these D.I.Y. ring and hairband from my aunt. They are so delicate, simplistic yet beautiful. They are not difficult to make but I am not very good at explaining this kind of arty thing, so I guess I will skip the tutorial and just show you guys how beautiful these things are!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Crush Again: Clémence Poésy by Signe Vilstrup

CRUSH  Girl crush for Clémence Poésy all over again for this set of truely stunning photos. So demure and captivating.

Photos :  Signel Vilstrup

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Addiction: Comfort Wedges

ADDICTION When I am not feeling well, I often put in extra effort to try to look good and feel good. So these wedges have practically been my "comfort wedges" for the past two weeks, because they are not just pretty, but also incredibly comfy to walk in. I know people find the idea of dressing up to see a doctor funny, but oh well, as long as they make me feel good about myself despite the various symptoms that have been bothering me, who cares?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crush: Alexander McQueen Shoes SS 2011

CRUSH So I admit that I have a serious crush with these absolutely stunning shoes. I don't know whether I will wear them walking down the street should I have a chance owning pair in the future, but I will definitely store them in a glass cupboard in the hallway in my house if I do get a pair. They make a breath-taking piece of art don't you think?

They are available here: net-a-porter
Photos Source:

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


RECENTLY The lack of posts has been caused by various hospital runs and family matters, anyhow I am back now

FLOWERS I haven't been feeling terribly well these days, so I didn't want anything that has a strong odour with it in my room lately. I usually have lily in my room,but recently I only wanted flowers that add a splash of colour in my room, minus the odour

 PREPARATION: When a bunch of flower is bought back home, people tend to forget the necessity of making amendments to its height etc in order to create a good-looking bunch in their own vases.

CAUTION Always remove the excessive leaves that would otherwise be in contact with the water in the vase, as it facilitates the growth of bacteria in the water, thus making the water less healthy for the flowers themselves, i.e. making it easy for them to wilt

 DONE Once the flowers and the decorating leaves are cut into satisfactory length and excessive leaves are removed, a beautiful bunch of flowers is created.

SMALL BOUQUET There were some bits and bobs left behind, so I thought why not use them as little decor in other places in my room?

NEW DECOR It eventually ended up in the small container where I store my nail polish, don't you think it looks lovely among the bottles?