Wednesday, July 20, 2011


RECENTLY The lack of posts has been caused by various hospital runs and family matters, anyhow I am back now

FLOWERS I haven't been feeling terribly well these days, so I didn't want anything that has a strong odour with it in my room lately. I usually have lily in my room,but recently I only wanted flowers that add a splash of colour in my room, minus the odour

 PREPARATION: When a bunch of flower is bought back home, people tend to forget the necessity of making amendments to its height etc in order to create a good-looking bunch in their own vases.

CAUTION Always remove the excessive leaves that would otherwise be in contact with the water in the vase, as it facilitates the growth of bacteria in the water, thus making the water less healthy for the flowers themselves, i.e. making it easy for them to wilt

 DONE Once the flowers and the decorating leaves are cut into satisfactory length and excessive leaves are removed, a beautiful bunch of flowers is created.

SMALL BOUQUET There were some bits and bobs left behind, so I thought why not use them as little decor in other places in my room?

NEW DECOR It eventually ended up in the small container where I store my nail polish, don't you think it looks lovely among the bottles? 

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