Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Do : Spare 30 seconds of your day

Grazia UK has always been one of my favourite magazines,
I particularly love its "10 hot stories" section,
which covers world stories that matter to its female readers,
mostly from the world of fashion and beauty,
but it also features humanitarian stories which we could easily symathize with.

The lastest issue has once again done it,
by grabbing my attention with this story,
where you see a spread with the faces of 27 women,
which is the number of women that get raped in Congo every 40 minutes.
The layout of the story is impeccably done,
and I truely believe that everyone who has read this page, must have been inspired to take part in the Congo petition advertised here straight away.

Participating is easy, simply click on this link http://www.congonow.org/
it will take you to the online petition page
where you just fill in your name, postcode and email,
and you are DONE!

SO easy.

I did mine in less than 30 seconds,
would you like to join me by sparing 30 seconds of yours?

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