Monday, June 6, 2011

London at its loveliest time

GO Southbank

I always consider this time of the year as the time when London is at its loveliest form. Sunny with breeze from time to time, which makes it not too suffocating. From the photo you may well think that it is a Sunday afternoon or the weekends. In fact, it is taken at about 5:30pm on a Friday. It is just lovely to see people all gathering outdoor, sharing jokes and drinks.

Southbank is totally the best place to spend a lovely day at. With the Royal Festival Hall, Hayward Gallery, Stalls, lovely restaurants around, can life get better than that?

Lovely day for a family /friends gathering

Came across this poem

"Beautiful is my name.
Got a problem, say it to my face"

My two lovely friends with whom I spent the day with

this is a new way of working the colour-blocking trend : sit next to a friend who wears a skirt with a different colour from yours

Eventually we chose to end the lovely day in the Italian way

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