Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tracy Emin : Love is What You Want

My first post would be dedicated to one of the most inspiring exhibitions that I have been in recent years. Before I went to this exhibition, I only knew Emin for her neon works. Not until I decided to go to this exhibition that I found out more about her other work.

The exhibition features painting, drawing, photography, textiles, video and sculpture, which are powerful with strong emotions attached to it, e.g. romantic, desperate, angry, funny and full of longing. The exhibition itself is well-curated I thought, I always find it useful in understanding an artist when his work is displayed chronologically. In this exhibition in particular, there are seldom-seen early works, which eventually helped a lot to understand Emin's more recent large-scale installations .

The most amazing part of the exhibition is seeing how Emin uses her own life as the starting point for her art, which at the same time, transcends itself and become universally provocative. Reading her personal anecdotes is intriguing, since some are witty, some are ironic and yet, all of them are heartfelt.

The Complimentary Exhibition Guide is petite but nicely done

SOUVENIRS I ended up spending some money in the shop, purchasing a couple of postcards and a book on Tracy Emin. It is one that is published by the Tate. Just started reading it and I think it is a good catch with its price. A good beginners' guide to understand Emin and her work.

" This book does not attempt such an analysis, but aims only to be helpful in returning attention to the art of Tracy Emin, rather than to Emin the personality and celebrity icon, interesting though that story is. Six representative examples of her work, each given its own chapter, will be accompanied by interview quotes or texts by the artist, followed, at the end of the book, by a chapter on the wider context o the belief systems that inform Emin's practice."

Shame that photos are not allowed in the exhibition, but would definitely recommend anyone to go.

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